Are you looking for a way to come back to your Ex that you still fall in love with? Whether you break up a long time ago or recently and regardless the reason behind breaking up, do not worry yourself much in finding a way to come back to your Ex.

Here is an ultimate program with steps that you can follow to make you achieve your aim of coming back. It is a relationship program made for couples who have broken up but one of the lovers is aiming to get back with the former lover.

About Program

The program was created by Brad Browning who is a relationship expert. The aim of the program is to provide a step by step process that the reader can follow in other to regain the lover that he/she has parted ways with. The program offers a detailed guide to detecting mistakes of actions taken in the past causing unhealthy relationship leading to break ups and learning how to deal with them effectively.

The program is comprehensive, detailed and gives the best results. The program is definitely solving emotional breakup problems. By applying all the techniques and strategies provided in this book will boost your confidence and allurement towards your Ex which leads to rapid positive result whereby your Ex will come back demanding for you to let you start all over again with him/her and making him/her not to break up with you anymore.

The program is book containing quality contents that can lead you to sprouting you to regaining your lover. The program basically worked by fixing every problem that had leads to breaking up previously, providing strategies in amending the mistakes and enhancing the mutual coming back of the couples for a harmonious relationship. Brad once said that the Ex Factor is a 3R system meaning; Recovery, Re-attraction and Rekindling. There are so many psychological tactics contained in this book that will break down his\her defense mechanisms and eventually make him or her miss you enough to suggest getting back together.

About Author

Brag Browning is a relationship and dating expert residing in Vancouver, Canada. He has 10 years of experience of helping couples in building a harmonious home, improving and repairing relationships. He is a senior editor at and an important contributor to, and he has written a number of articles about conflict resolution and breakups. He is on YouTube and have a You Tube channel with over 2ook subscribers where he posts videos discussing about relationship problems and breakup advice.

He has studied the complexity of relationships and break up psychology for more than 10 years and he is an expert in this aspect. He has garnered so much experiences that he is considered as well renowned expert when it comes to love and relationships and his writings are highly considered to be one of the best guides in relationship aspect. He also offers available for one to one personal training of selected clients. He has completed his Bachelor of Art (Psychology) from the University of British Columbia. He is a best-selling author of two programs which are “Mend the Marriage” and “The Ex Factor”. His hobbies are reading books, watching ice hockey and traveling with his wife.

How The Program Works

This program works by creating feelings and affection that work on the psychology of the mind and emotional part of the brain which is the place where the love hormone is being produced. The 3R system created by Brad explains how to create such an affection in the mind and eliminate bad memories from the lovers’ brain. The 3R is also a step by step guide that must be followed. These are the ways the 3R works:

  • Recovery: This method helps to input past memories of alluring and passionate moments of love into reminder. It re-emanate past love experiences between two lovers and make it align with their present conditions. This reduces to drastic amount the bad memories they have for themselves. All what will dominate the mind are the moments of intense intimacy both of you have spent together.
  • Rekindling: This method is aimed at generating the feelings of intense connection of affection, desire and compassionate love. This is done through use of tools such as text messages, emails, and eye-to-eye sentences that Brad has already demonstrated in the book. Application of these strategies usually break the defensive mechanism of him/her and putting you in an offensive mode of sending forth intensive love rapidly. This method caused a change in the psychology of the Ex and make him/her to be having an alluring feelings about you. Strategies in this method are irresistible and Ex are easily prone into falling into it. The tools create in-depth and affections and feelings because it usually tampers with the psychology mind of Ex, making you to understand what he/she really meant and the book will have provided ways to go about the situation. This method makes him/her to almost forget all the bad memories. All these will occur if you are able to apply them deliver them effectively which is not quite hard to do.
  • Re-attraction: This method teaches techniques and strategies to create greater intimacy and eliminate all the past bad memories and experiences. It put you through how to make your Ex to react to you completely hereby he/she will take steps to contact you for a start all over again.

The book is made up of different topics divided into chapters. Here are the various chapters and brief illustration of their content:

Chapter 1: This chapter is filled with different degrees of reasons that can lead to break up between couples.
Chapter 2: Here, you are being taught on the various quality of attractions you have and those you don’t have. It also reveals those qualities of attraction that you used even though you don’t know you don’t have fore knowledge of usage.
Chapter 3: In this chapter, the bad qualities causing break ups that you have will be stated and ways to stop or prevent them will be illustrated as well.
Chapter 4: This chapter explains the benefit of acceptance and the roles it plays in building a strong relationship.
Chapter 5: This chapter teaches the benefit of couples not starting a communication between themselves for like a month after they have parted ways. It discourages being desperate in the process of getting back to your Ex.
Chapter 6: This chapter teaches strategies to encourage dating and getting back to your Ex.
Chapter 7: This chapter gives you ways to response and act when your Ex start getting in contact with you.
Chapter 8: It teaches you on ways to attend to situations of your Ex not getting in contact with when you have applied the former strategies.
Chapter 9: This chapter gives you the ultimate plan, tips and strategies on how to go about dating your Ex after you have succeeded in obtaining his attention.
Chapter 10: This chapter teaches you techniques and ways to effectively seduce them.

Packages Available in This Programs:

  • Free PDF on increasing sex appeal
  • Free PDF on how to text Your Lover Back
  • 5 hours’ audio programs
  • 3 hours’ video programs
  • And a comprehensive manual in PDF format


  • It put you in a right state of mind that prevent depression and thereby enhancing metal healthiness.
  • It keeps the motivation of the reader on the increase and also enhances the confidence of the reader.
  • The program is simple, easy to understand and apply
  • The guide increases and improves qualities of seduction, attraction, how to effectively apply them and how to use body language in getting your Ex.


  • It is difficult to apply if you don’t dedicate time and effort in studying them especially if you are expecting quick result.
  • The program may not work for all people though (few cases) as it focuses on attraction and seduction.


Janie stated “In my opinion, chapter 3 is one of the most important because it teaches us about those unattractive qualities we all have, men and women. In most relationship, these are major problem, sometimes contributing to breakups. If we know them and how to deal with them, in thinking more relationships can be saved. My ex-husband had some really unattractive ones which kept bothering me all the time and because I didn’t know how to handle it, we got separated. It wasn’t the only reason but it was one of them.”

In A Nut Shell

The program is explicit and easy to apply. It is mostly practical rather than being theoretical. It is a good guide that is effective in helping you in getting back your Ex. Putting time and effort into studying it will definitely give you a positive result. Get the program today and you will be happy you invest your money to embark on it. The program also come with a 60-days money back guarantee, so there is no risk of losing money.

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