It is no more a gainsaying that texting is one of the mechanisms of gaining a man’s attention. But how can you write a special kind of text message that you can send to any man that will instantly unlock an intense and passionate affection for you and you will dominate his mind instantly. His attention towards you will be so deeply connected that he will always be craving to have you and will be totally obsessed with you. If you find it hard keeping the man of your choice around you or getting a man you love interested in you, then this program is a solution for you. This book provides a way you can create an obsession reaction between you and the man you love through texting. It is a book that will help you implement ways you can make him to love you. This program contains text messages that a woman can use to dive into the psychological mind of her man with the aim of creating deep allurement and passionate love and affection in him for her. Is it seeming that your man is no longer finding you attractive or he is no more interested in you or you don’t seem to understand what is actually causing the problem in your relationship? Try out this program. Conversation and texting plays a big role in aligning broken love or propagating new love as they are the medium of firstly, communicating before detecting and fixing problems. Once your texting is yielding positively at the beginning, then there is assurance of a productive result at the end. Find out more about this program in this detailed Review.

About the program

This program is created by Amy North, a relationship and dating expert and counselor. The program exposes the readers to ways and techniques to show her how she can get her man or how the man will be made to start chasing her and the tools that will make the man get totally obsessed with her which will make him not even think of leaving her because she has occupied the whole of his mind. Occupying the whole of his mind in the sense that a new shower of intense love and emotion have been activated and triggered in him which makes him totally craving for her all the time. These text messages have been found to be very effective on both far distant and near men. The content of the messages is found to be strong and hard to resist by any man.

About the Author

Amy North is one of the most renowned relationship expert and also one of the best-selling author of books in the world. She resides in Vancouver, Canada where she has been assisting women in finding out solutions in keeping their dreams of being with their dream man and making it a reality. She is an experienced lady in the aspect of relationship as she has learnt so many things from various different couples on how they relate and communicate with each other, guiding them and teaching them by opening their views to what they are missing when interacting with each other. She has complied all these lessons and experiences in this book. She has spent so many years getting to know about nature of relationships she has gained a vast degree of wisdom in this aspect which made her put into writing and producing this book. She is a well-regarded women’s dating expert and her ultimate goal is helping women in building a strong, healthy, long lasting relationships.

How It Works

The book comprises of 12 different section that provide ultimate information which will make him get obsessed and totally craving for you all the time. These messages will make him emotionally activated and get connected to you. These are the various sections in the book:

  • The First Section will give you guide on how to always get guys to respond to your texts immediately on a consistent basis. Neglecting becomes a thing of the past. The man’s attention will always be towards the lady every time.
  • The Second Section is termed “E-Glow Text” which teaches about how the man will deeply have intense affection without any form of stress. It is a unique method in this guide.
  • The Third Section teaches how to get ex-lover back when you have interest in him and you want to come back to start with him all over again. The reader learns how to text Ex to make him want to come back for her again for another chance.
  • The Fourth Section teaches how to bring back a dull, boring relationship. It teaches ways to spice up the relationship in order to get it interesting again. It is for those who are already in a relationship.
  • The Fifth Section is intended for teaching on how to dominate and occupy the mind of man with the thought of only her. This section teaches you on how to make him keep on craving for her by generating signals of affection in him which he cannot resist.
  • The Sixth Section is a kind of cheat sheet that you can use for decoding and interpreting the text messages that any man sends to you. This section is use for interpreting and understanding the true meaning of his message and knowing it really means.
  • The Seventh Section is for women who want their boyfriend to pop the big question but need to do a little bit of pushing to get them there. You will discover how to create subtle messages that will get him thinking about walking down the aisle like never before.
  • The Eighth Section of this guide will teach you how to make your man miss you with some simple text messages. This way you will be able to keep him pining for you.
  • The Ninth Section shows you how to keep on making him getting crazy for you by taking pictures with him.
  • The Tenth Section is about using one simple but very powerful text message to get his whole physical being to concentrate on you.
  • The Eleventh Section can help you learn how to speak with men on the phone which a lot of women have problems with, so it is also useful.
  • The Twelfth Section will help in letting him to stop focusing on all other women so all of his attention is on you. This section will explain exactly how to do this via text.


  • The program is very useful for woman in improving their love life and habitin respective of their age of their relationship.
  • This program is a step by step guide that is very clear and very easy to understand. It is very easy to embark upon without encountering any difficulty. It does not require any fore knowledge or any skill before it can be used.
  • The program comes with a 60-days money back guarantee which make you not having the feeling of risking money loss. It is completely risk free. There is 100% money back guarantee.
  • The program is applicable for any type of man. It is used by women in any form of relationship whether dating, single, married, or it is complicated. Applying the strategies effectively will help in winning the heart of the man you have interest in. In a stable relationship, this program is also effective as it enhances the love from being boring to burning with intense and passionate affection and desire.


It is not a sudden or instant change to a relationship deficit as it requires time and effort put in place before it can start yielding the desired result. It requires devotion in understanding, interpreting and applying the techniques in the book.
This product is only available online meaning if you don’t have a computer and a reliable internet connection, it is not accessible for you


Fiona stated “I heard about it from a good friend who had used it in her personal life and it worked. I am happy to say it worked for me as well and it’s probably the best money I spent in the last few years. I learned so much about both women and men and are more confident in my abilities to talk, understand men and make them feel more attracted to me.”
Maureen stated “I have increased my confidence a lot since using these new ways of texting. And it’s not just about texting; you start to understand how men think and what they really want from us women.”
Amelia stated “The program is very clear to use and it works or at least it has worked for me. Been in a 4-months relationship where I just couldn’t understand what he wanted anymore and we seemed to be drifting apart. He seemed to be interested in other women which was scary. Started applying what I’ve learned and soon he started focusing more on me and on us.”

In a Nut shell

Without mincing too much words, Text Chemistry is a very useful tool which is highly indispensable for every woman to have. It contains useful information that are very critical in starting and sustaining relationships. Get one copy of the program today and you will never regret purchasing it. It also comes with 60-days money back guarantee if you feel the program is not impacting enough. So no risk losing money. This program has many things to offer you as a woman and the quality of its content cannot be match with so many relationship materials available online.

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