One-half of the American working population complain about back pain symptoms every year. In fact, about 31 million Americans experience back pain at any given time. Back pain affect people of all ages from adolescent to elderly. Are you having back pain and you are wondering on how you will get rid of it? Here is the ultimate solution to your problem. Rather than visiting doctors for medications or using drugs that have side effects to cure back pain, why don’t you try this natural way of curing back pains which won’t involve side effects or further complications. Back pain will prevent you from living a fulfilled, vibrant life or make you less functioning up to your normal capability in work place. Here is a review about a product that can help you to put an end to back pain. This program will tell not only how to get rid of that back pain but also how to attain stronger muscles, better postures and more flexibility within 16 minutes. The cause of back pain and remedies to them are also discussed in the program. Take your time to go through this review about the program and you will be great doing so.

About the program

It is an online program which teaches and demonstrated how to put an end to back pain without any further expenses on drugs, surgery or steroid injection. This program is neither a yoga nor an exercise. It is made up of just 8 movements (which took 2 minutes each) that can treat back pain within 16 minutes. The program was written by Ian Hart. It comprises of a step by step guide that must be followed and it doesn’t work for temporary relief. The program tackles the original cause of back pain. Back pain relief online version of this program goes for $37. However, if you are planning to meet the team of this program where they based in South Carolina in order to help in relieving your back pain, you will be expected to pay based on the session you chose. There is an off-hours emergency session which is $347, regularly scheduled private session goes for $250 and group session is $150. If you are not willing to spend much but want to engage in the program, then stick to the online option which goes for $37 since it contained all what you really needed. The program comes with a 60-days money back guarantee. The program also contains 4 different bonuses which are very useful for eradicating back pain. The program is for people of all ages irrespective of their sex, health condition, body size or mass etc. The program focused on releasing biochemical in large amount in your body which is designated to heal your back for good. The amazing thing about the program is that it works on all types of back pain. It has no limiting factor when carrying out the program. It is based on physiological mechanics of the body. The movements has been proven and tested to work on any kind of person.

About the Author

The program was written by Ian Hart. He was formerly a sufferer of back pain when he was playing basketball. He has tried so many means to eradicate his back pain but they could solve his problem. He suffered with the pain on a daily basis for up to 10 years. Then, he met a man with the secret to his problem. The man is named Bojan from Serbia. The man guided him through the 8 simple movements that relieved him of the pains within 16 minutes of embarking on the movements. He found out that Bojan was a fitness coach and exercise trainer. He also found out that Bojan has studied under professor that coached world class atheletes, he finished at the top of his class and did master degree in Exercise Science, and was a coaching staff of the Serbian Soccer team. Bojan has earn a prestige in his university due to his groundbreaking discovery. Bojan is a specialist on how the back is affected by movements and non-movements. He knows the right things to do to relieve the back of any pain it may be causing. During the period of the Ian’s back pain condition, he gathered experiences and found out that acupuncture, chiropractors, massage and surgery don’t provide permanent relief because they don’t tackle the true cause of back pain but just eliminate the symptoms. Bojan stated that most cases of back pain are a symptom created by muscle imbalance. So, in order to remove the pain, there must be restoration of muscle balance.
Ian Hart is one of the most renowned specialist of back pain relief. He gives advices and offer services of guidance to people that consult him. He has staff at different locations to reach out to clients easier offer best services to them.

How it works

It has been found out that muscle imbalances are due to one side of your body overworking and the opposite side under-working. Stress are being built up in the lower back which if left for years will degenerate into more complicated health issues. Imbalances may proliferate into further health problems like
Injuries developing around the affected areas
Severe neuromuscular disconnection that ends normal motor control with ease.
Muscle imbalances stops blood flow and prevent oxygen and essential nutrients from reaching your back.
The program serves as an alternative to treating back pain that yields positive result than the conventional ways of treating them.
You don’t need special kind of equipment or facilities to practice these movements. All you need is a place to lie down, a stable and firm pillow under your head and a chair. This can be done anywhere at your or convenience or comfort. Whether you are at home, office or even in hotel room, this program is applicable there. The interesting part is that the program doesn’t take more than 20 minutes. Here is the brief information about the 8 simple movements of the program.

  • Movement 1: Start activating imbalance muscles and making them ready for relief.
  • Movement 2: It awakens slumbering hip muscles and still activating muscles
  • Movement 3: It starts fixing your pain since the body will have been ready for the repair, you feel an initial wave of relief wash over you.
  • Movement 4: It supplies the lower back with blood, oxygen and nutrients and you start feeling energized.
  • Movement 5: Decompresses the lower back-clients often visibly exhale as years of pent up tension is subdued.
  • Movement 6: Bring together the whole body and maintain muscle balance along the spine.
  • Movement 7: Complete stabilization of back, hips and spine in pain free positions.
  • Movement 8: Slowly compresses the spine to push old blood out of your discs and usher in new blood for pain relief, healing and recovery.

After engaging in these 8 movements, you will start experiencing beneficial side effects like

  • Stronger abs and stronger core
  • Upright and stand by walking
  • Enhanced posture

In the program, there are components that are very useful for people utilizing this program. The components are as listed below

  • The Back Pain Relief 4 Life Core Training Video: The video is a 28 minutes’ online video that demonstrate how the 8 movements are done perfectly. You don’t need any foreknowledge or need an expert before you can understand the video. It is simple and easy to follow as a guide.
  • Nine Targeted Coaching Video sessions for Back Pain relief: These videos give you insights into how the program works and tells you more tips that will make you achieve ultimate result from the movements.
  • One-on-One Coaching: This gives you an opportunity to get in contact with the creator of the program or support team of the program through calling or Email.
  • Special Bonus

Benefits of the Program

  • Enhances mind-body connection
  • Improves posture
  • Increases flexibility of your body structure so that you feel loose and free
  • Improve your thinking and clear headedness.
  • Enhances peaceful deep sleep which you must have been deprived of for years.
  • Eliminate Chronic inflammation.
  • Flood your spine with healing nutrients.
  • Get rid of that your back pain and joint pain rapidly.
  • Improves the healthy state of your body system.
  • It side effects are beneficial to the healthy state of the body.
  • The program is applicable by any kind of people regardless of the type of conditions they are.


You will need an internet connection and a working system to watch videos of the programs. There have not been really any cons about this program.


Jerry P stated that “Now that I have Back Pain Relief 4 life, I have total comfort”
Bryana stated “The next morning I woke up and I felt 100% Better. My pain was completely gone. I couldn’t even tell that my back was killing the night before”
Steve P stated “Anytime somebody tells me they are having back pains; I tell them about Back Pain Relief 4 Life because I believe in it that much.”

In a Nut shell

This program is definitely trustworthy and it worth spending your time and money on. The program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee which means that it is risk free. It is a very convenient program and it can be done at the comfort of wherever you are. Why thinking of meeting doctors to help in relieving your pain when there is a program at your finger tip that has all the answers to your problems. The program has worked for thousands of people and it will definitely work for you too. Getting this program will be a huge plus for you. Why not purchase this program and get yourself a vibrant and fulfilled life again?

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