That’s a good move and acknowledgement of emotions for HIM within yourself. This means you are ready to move on and you want to reconsider HIM again. Its never too late to get back to existing relationship though temporarily it seems disturbed. I am sharing 9 tips to help on how to get your ex boyfriend back. Do you know When you stop loving someone, you are stopping to listen the voice within. If you are thinking on how to get your ex boyfriend to miss you, you need to implement the tips provided here

Watch the following video carefully and reaffirm that YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR Ex BOYFRIEND WANT YOU AGAIN

To Get Your Ex Back Boyfriend Take Things Slow

Try to avoid pressure on yourself and him too. He/ your ex  shall be happy to see the kind of understanding within yourself.

how to get your ex back boyfriend
how to get your ex back boyfriend

Rekindle Friendship

Friendship is first stage before jumping back into the relationship. Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Friendship shall help to rebuild trust and understand each other again. Reach out to him politely and with lot of generosity to start with friendship first. If he is open for reestablishing the friendship, you can start from there.


Love always demands understanding and acceptance.  Accept that there could be few shortcomings from yourself and from his side too. Always understand that there is always second opinion of all matters you speak/ do which could be of his opinion. Try to bring that confidence with yourself that positive criticism is always beneficial and you may share the same to him to start the friendship and further refining both personalities

Let Go Of The Others

The most important thing in relationship is understanding and protecting the relationship from outside gossips/ others opinions or other matters which are not at all related to both of you. Let go things not related and which are of the others.

Remind Them of The Good Times

You were together earlier which means you have spent good times. Just relax and sit back, close your eyes and remind those days. Feel if something is oozing in the heart, if yes write down those instances and inculcate habit of thanking almighty for such event in life and help you friend to feel similar experience by remembering those days, events, videos, photos etc

Work On Yourself, Re-Build Confidence

Reconnect within your self. It may happen that we forget ourselves so much that we tend to ignore our own physical health, mental health, financial health etc. Sometimes re looking ourselves and enabling ourselves and removing past shackles helps to re-build confidence.

Each living individual is always with great vibrations and energy . Its important to align those natural strengths and make ourselves comfortable with own self

Make Sure You’re Available

Time is important. If you could not spend more time earlier or could not make available due to other priorities, lets not keep grudges in mind. But planning our own time and ensuing availability is important for each relationship.

Give Them The Right Amount of Space

Each individual need his or her own space and he or she has own pace to understand things and further take action on them. If we could give some space, the time which has great healing power within itself act on those and help them understand the matters. Lets believe on the universal energy and which is acting on each one of us for improving understanding and reshaping lives.

Use Kaizen to Strengthen Your Relationship

Kaizen can be applied to any part of your life that needs improvement. Kaizen can be used to gain better health, more wealth… and yes, even to improve your relationship with your family.

Kaizen will keep you alert and you’ll constantly look for ways to improve your relationship and see what you can do better. You’ll notice miracles once you start using Kaizen to strengthen your relationship. Let’s look at a few ways it can be done.

Thank you

Kaizen is about small improvements. Do small things to show appreciation. Help out around the house when you can. Write a small note that says thank you. Buy a small gift even when there’s no occasion for one.

These little gestures will make a world of difference in your relationship. It will add color and surprise to your world.

Spending Time

This applies to your children as well. Spend time with them and get to know them Take an interest in their interests. Know what they’re doing in their lives. Teach them Kaizen too and let them see how they can improve their daily activities.

They might discover that finishing up their homework in a certain order makes the process faster and easier. The older kids may find that getting a part time job will improve their finances.

No Stress and remove the root cause

Use Kaizen to monitor your relationships and see what you could do better. If you notice that you lose your temper too often, aim to de-stress and remove yourself from a situation that may lead to conflict.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Look at what is causing the conflicts. You’ll notice a pattern. Now ask yourself how you can remove the cause. Talk to your partner about it and work on improving it together. This is Kaizen in practice.

If you use it well, your relationship with your family will be fantastic. You shall feel amazing after you start applying the small changes in your life
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5 Top Mistakes When Trying to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back


Mistake #1 – Calling him over and over again

Lets believe on yourself first and believe on the power of Love. Lets not showcase things outside by unnecessary calling explicitly. Your ex boyfriend has your number. He knows how to reach you. If he wanted to talk to you, he will call you.  You need to believe on the connection from heart to heart and not on outside call

Mistake #2 – Declaring your love and over-apologizing

You may admin once and twice but not on multiple times which can irritate not only you  but your friend.

Mistake #3 – Acting out of jealousy, rage and anger

You need to figure out if this is the case. Love need to remove these past shackles not any other emotion.

Mistake #4 – Social stalking him

Do you find yourself constantly checking his Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snap chat? If yes just remind yourself that the world is with full of possibilities, attract better possibilities by focusing on your improvements to make yourself to be able to attract your love

Mistake #5 – Talking to him on a daily/weekly basis

There can not be corporate communication rules on frequency in love relationship or with your friend. Just speak if you feel and if he is available on specific things but not on persons. Discussions are fine but gossip is not at all useful.


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