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We have prepared the full list of money affirmations to help in getting the positive vibrations your life. 

These powerful money affirmations shall help you build your and your family members stories of happy living 

Most importantly, with this manner you are blessed for more money, great relationships, richer gains, healthy life.

Do you realize that with our own endeavours, we can get cash streaming in our lives by unblocking the Root Chakra?

In other words, did you figure out how to learn dealing with your money matters from your near and dear ones? 

Above all this, have you learnt or mastered the way of thinking required for monetary benefits and simply take a  leap of faith as a grown-up in your own money matters?

Your money mind set is your experiences about your money circumstances and funds availability as and when required.

Therefore commonly, your money mind set is the consequence of your money story which has been working since you were a child or from  your own inception of mind about money.

Your family members, schools, and network helped impact your money story for better as well as for negative ways in certain cases.

For instance, do you know money affirmations helps in figuring out how to make a positive cash flow that spotlights on abundance, as opposed to shortage?

Do you know how money affirmations bring about wonderful changes throughout your life? 

In conclusion, utilizing money affirmations is only one of numerous approaches to help make the movement of destiny relating to money matters.


Affirmations are certain positive statement that can assist you for handling challenges and defeat self-subverting and negative contemplations.

However at the point when you rehash them regularly, and have faith in them, you can begin to roll out positive improvements.

For instance, money affirmation  assist you to perform better at work. 

If we are with calm mind, cool posture, positive in attitude, expecting, and envisioning pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness, we draw the same in all the best possible things.

Further, we attract the similar individuals, circumstances, and occasions which confirm to our own state.

Lets do an exercise.

For the following hour, attempt to be progressively mindful of the musings you have and the things you state with respect to your money, relationships, family, career, gains and any part of life.

This is the most effective method to utilize money affirmations for Financial Success and Abundance. 

Therefore, doing this exercise  shall  simulate the similar experience in your mind and real life.

We have prepared the full list of money affirmations to help get positive vibrations your life.

In this manner it shall help you with blessings for more money, great relationships, richer gains, healthy life and happy living.

Here are a couple of model locations to sit during money affirmations:

  • A comfortable seat in your drawing room, bed room
  • Your private cabin, office room.
  • Inside your vehicle with breeze of fresh air
  • In garden grass or bench nearby in peaceful park or home yard. 

You deserve this. Click here for affirming the same.

1 Affirmation : About Me

I am magnet to wealth and abundance

I am open to the flow of great abundance in all areas of my life.

Money is an energy and it flows freely through me now

2 Affirmation : Wealth

Prosperity surrounds me , prosperity fills me, prosperity flows to me and through me.

I am happy that I have more than enough money for myself and to help others

There is plenty of wealth in my life

Wealth and Money comes to me easily & effortlessly

3 Affirmation : RelationShip

I see money as a useful tool and I have happy relationship with money

Today I expand my awareness of the abundance all around me.

I am thankful as I am  rich, wealthy and happy

4 Affirmation : Family, SPOUSE, Partner

I am blessed when I come home, I’m blessed when I go out.

As my commitment to help others grows, so does my wealth.

5 Affirmation : Colleagues, Partners, Key Customers

I am always led to the people who need what I have to offer.

6 Affirmation : Time

Money comes to me at the perfect time and in the perfect way.

7 Affirmation : Wisdom and Fortune

I always have the wisdom to establish a positive flow of money in my life

I allow the universe to bless me in surprising and joyful ways.

8 Affirmation : Work

I open to the flow of great abundance in all areas of my life

Every dollar I give to someone comes back to me hundredfold

9 Affirmation : Gains

My financial worth increases everyday regardless of what I do.

Money comes to me in unexpected ways.

I believe in unlimited wealth possibilities.

I’m making lots and lots of money.

The positive affirmations truly help us. … Our team members, partners, customers and companions all vibe a similar way. 

Above all, whenever opportunities emerge, they will in general go to those with brighter aspirants.

Mind Power

Let me share one story which narrates mind power

One man was travelling to his hometown. All of sudden he got to the paradise by chance.

He saw the attracting tree. He sat down under that tree.

A thought came in his mind was “I am hungry, so it would be nice to have a bite right now.”

What a luck!

As soon as he thought about this, a table full of different dishes that he was thinking about appeared right before him.

As he was in paradise and the tree under which he could take rest was the fortune tree.

The fortune trees are trees in the paradise, sitting under which you can immediately fulfill your desire, you just need to think about it.

Wow! – The man was surprised.

How can it be possible? Another thought came to his mind. It can be by chance and can disappear any time.

Again desire is fulfilled.

He felt – it was just his mistake to think that way.

Thereafter he thought that “It would be nice to get it back!” – And boom….dishes appeared again.

He ate a plenty of dishes – he has never eaten such tasty food before.

He was very happy as he could eat such tasty food. Another thought came to his mind “How About Drink?  Especially Wine?”

Oh my god! 

Fortune tree listened his thought and boom….

the perfect wine appeared immediately.

As he is in paradise, there are no restrictions

He enjoyed sip of wine. He was lying in the shadow of the tree.

He took rest for some time. He started thinking of what is next step where to go now?

A new thought came to his mind “Am I lucky today? Is it really possible?”

He was analyzing the situation in detail. He remembered all events happened one another.

After lot of analysis, he thought that, it cannot be the truth. Probably there are few ghosts who playing/ threatening to him.

Oh Alas!

Though came to reality! All of sudden the ghosts appeared.

They were terrible and looked like exactly he envisaged them L

Thereafter he got scared. Another thought came to his mind, maybe he shall be killed by these unwanted demons.

And guess what? …………………….

They killed the man.

Do you know this?  This happens to all people in world.

Everyone LIVE in the world, with the things which they ENVISAGE.

In our cutting edge time, money is related with the sentiments of security and endurance, which are the immediate feelings of the “Root Chakra” 

Do you know about the Root Chakra?

The first of the seven frequency canters/ vibes in our human system, the root chakra (otherwise called Muladhara in Sanskrit) speaks to our essential endurance needs.

The first chakra is the seat of the unconscious mind —lodging the instinctual drives for nourishment, sex, and endurance.

In fact we all are aware that we enter this world as a result of first chakras of our parents. In the second place they were brought into their lives through the result of first chakras of their parents

Life is brought into being by means of the first chakra (the birth trench) through both birth cycles.

Moreover the first chakra keeps us grounded and associated with the earth element and fills in as an enthusiastic energy receiver and transmitter for our natural life and the same continues as the force of life.

How is Root Chakra connected with your money matters?

In fact, it is through the first chakra, our natural beacon of our own life, we experience self-conservation.

For any individual / self the basic needs are common. Those are food, shelter and cloths which can be brought with money. As a result money is required for basic needs fulfilment.

We all understand full stomach, healthy life, good looking cloths, comfortable owned house, food availability for life brings stability and security to our own self.

Moreover it is common feeling of each self, when it speaks with respective individual anywhere on earth.

Consequently, these emotions, feelings are directly associated with our root chakra.

In the same way, it also means with the  first chakra the beacon of life not only guarantees security, stability but also build trust in abundant energy, vitality of life which builds abundance in all parts of life like wealth, health, relationships etc

How does a chakra become blocked?

What do you think, why someone’s life beacon is not vibrating to required energy level for abundance?

The root chakra at birth is not only the result of our parent’s first chakras but also their thoughts, actions, beliefs and environment and finally feelings of them

Furthermore, the incorrect combination of these feelings, sometimes blocks in the root chakra during the birth.

Many times because of too much complicated thoughts, beliefs of parents, child also develops guilty feelings towards abundance, fear of rejection, partial judgment towards particular aspects of life etc.

Moreover, the first chakra development continues for during the first few months of life also.

As a result of the same, you might have observed self-obsessed behaviour if few kids but not in general.

How about you?

Are you feeling content in your life? Are you unable to complete daily tasks?

Do you often feel obsessed to experience life’s vigour, joy, satisfaction, happiness etc?

Are feeling frustrated or unsupported, whether emotionally or / and financially.

Do you know this? All of these feelings can also result to a non-working beacon i.e. root chakra of life

Fortunately thoughts regarding money are simply the matter of energy, and it can be changed with certain ways!

The working of root chakra i.e. the base beacon of life is extremely important to resonate other six chakras too

How to Open & Balance the Root Chakra

There are many techniques, however the meditation and thoughts with affirmation brings huge impact and opens up to vibrate to required frequency level


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